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Better days for the District

In assessing the District's primary elections and District politics it is clear there are still some cloudy days ahead. But I've been told there remains hope and positive expectations for some uncloudy days.

Oh, they tell me of a newspaper that was once independent, great and did not use ink, paper, and digital technology to smear a man’s name. But, today, that is not The Washington Post.

Far beyond the skies, oh, they tell me of a U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia who believed in seeking justice, rather than a name. Today, that is not Mr. Ronald C. Machen, Jr.

So far away, yes, they tell me of an editorial writer who was chasten to follow principles of fairness and a standard of journalism excellence. Today, that is not Ms. Jo-Ann Armao.

Where no storm clouds would rise, these three (3) sought to create clouds of intellectual fiction.

Yes, for District Mayor Vincent C. Gray and the people of the District, they wanted cloudy days. But regardless of man-made storm clouds and troubled waters, Mayor Gray remained a good servant of the people. And yes his record of mayoral leadership and accomplishments will shine through.

Oh, they tell me of the legacy of publisher Ms. Katharine Graham, where facts and professionalism were foundations for news and headlines, but today has fallen to intellectual dishonesty and retribution.

Oh, they tell me The Washington Post was a leader in journalism ethics so bright and fair, others used its canons as benchmarks. Today, The Washington Post serves as an unscrupulous and ruthless newspaper out to divide neighbors and communities in all eight (8) District Wards. Sadly, some reporters and columnists have followed its trend of "sensationalism over facts in journalism," and using the race card.

So far away where the tree of life once shed its fragrance of honor through the air of The Washington Post building, oh they tell me today The Washington Post is newspaper without a moral compass craving for cloudy stories to foster mistrust and discord.

Oh they tell me of a newspaper publisher in the beauty of professionalism would never cower to politics of hypocrisy, double standards in journalism, character assassination of people for corporate interest or as a power play. Today, that appears not to be publisher Ms. Katharine Weymouth.

Oh, they tell me of a newspaper that our eyes shall read with pride knowing there is truth written somewhere. But today, that is not The Washington Post.

Oh, they tell me of a home far beyond the skies; Oh, they tell me of a home far away; Oh, they tell me of a home where no storm clouds rise; Oh, they tell me of an uncloudy day. Josiah K. Alwood, c.1885

Today, The Washington Post is not an uncloudy newspaper.

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