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Better buy Prescriptives while you can

Fans of the cosmetic line Prescriptives are in for a major downer come 2010. The Estee Lauder Company announced recently to Makeup Artist Magazine that they are going to be discontinuing the line for sale in retail shops as of January 2010. The cosmetic line  will be availible online at the prescriptives website, however the online sales will only last until their stock of cosmetics has run out.

This is a major downer for true Prescriptives fans, but other companies not affiliated with Estee Lauder may be hopeful for a boost in sales. This drop does lead us to wonder if Estee Lauder will be dropping any of their other twenty plus beauty lines in the future? We can't imagine what this geberations teens would ever do without M.A.C, one of Estee Lauders more popular lines.


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