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Better alternatives to web traffic exchanges

There are better alternatives to web traffic exchanges
There are better alternatives to web traffic exchanges
Louis Luwe

Many people use traffic exchanges and they do work for some people. When I first started with the whole Internet marketing project I was into traffic exchanges a lot. When I saw one that you could sign up for free I usually took advantage of it because that was the only way I really knew to get traffic to my website or affiliate sites. In my opinion though, traffic exchanges are a waste of time. Like I said some people like them and they do work for some people but they never did me any good at all. I began to realize that I was wasting my time with them and decided to explore different methods of getting traffic.

When I started writing in my blog and using it to promote my programs I also started using Google Adsense to generate revenue for my blog. I read Googles terms of service and realized I wouldn't be able to use traffic exchanges for my blog. That and figuring it was a waste of time made me find other ways to get traffic and the ways I found were getting me better results. I realized when I was using a certain traffic exchange that was my favorite I was seeing a lot of pro accounts everyday. More and more people were upgrading their accounts and when you upgrade you usually don't have to view other people's sites to get credits. Also on many traffic exchanges there is an option to purchase additional credits and that made me realize that since they were upgrading their accounts and probably purchasing credits they didn't have to look at other people's sites so they probably weren't viewing mine. This also made me realize I was wasting my time.

So I found that there are many better ways to get traffic. Posting in a blog about your programs is a great way to get the word out. Blogs are becoming more and more popular everyday. In fact I think blogs are much more popular than websites. That is my own opinion but I see more and more blog users instead of webmasters. Also most of these blog users are using Google Adsense or other revenue ad services so they aren't able to use traffic exchanges to promote their blogs either.

I'm not bashing traffic exchanges because I'm sure there are really good ones that are honest and legitimate. I'm just saying that they don't work for everyone. Another opinion of mine would be maybe they only work for the people who upgrade to a pro membership or purchase their own credits. All I know is surfing other people sites all day long to build up my own credits is a waste of time for me when I can be posting in my blog and promoting it to people who are actually going to look at it.

Here are some great ways I use to promote my blog:

1. Post in as many forums as your time will permit. Posting in forums, in my opinion is the best way to promote your website or blog because you can build relationships as well as build up your reputation as someone who knows a lot about a certain subject. Once people get to know you and realize you can help them with what they need they will start visiting your blog to find out more about what it is you do. So place your website or blog link in your forum signature and you will get many visitors.

2. Submit to the search engines and blog directories. Since I have done this I have found on my tracking service that more and more people are visiting my blog from the blog directories and search engines.

3. Find other website or blog owners to do a link exchange. There are many website and blog owners who will be happy to put your link on their site if you do the same for them. This not only builds up your traffic but it can also build up your page rank in the search engines and that is very important.

4. Place your website link or blog link in your email signature. Every time you send out an email to a friend, relative or business person you will be promoting your blog or website as well. I have gotten some visitors this way as well.

5. If you use instant messenger then make sure to put your link to your site by your name on the list menu. Most messengers allow you to place a message beside your name when you log in. So by placing your link like this you are promoting your site. I don't do this too much because I don't use my messenger as much as I used to but I have seen many of my friends do this and I would too if I were using my messenger more often.

So you see there are many better alternatives for traffic than traffic exchanges. These ways I have listed are the best in my opinion. I have gotten more visitors and sign ups to my programs using my blog and promoting it these ways than I did when I was surfing for credits. You can still be a big believer in traffic exchanges because they might work better for certain people but just make sure to keep your options open and try different ways. Also make sure to use an ad tracker to test what methods work better for you. You should also keep in mind though just because you are getting many visitors to ask yourself a question: Are you getting these visitors and are they coming back because they want to or are they visiting because they need to build up their own credits for their promoting purposes? I wish I would have found these methods before and maybe I would have gotten more visitors long before this. I have learned the hard way and learned from my own mistakes and I am so glad I quit using traffic exchanges and now promote my blog using these methods.

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