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Betsy Dornbusch pens erotic prose filled with fangs

Betsy Dornbusch
Betsy Dornbusch

Local Denver author, Betsy Dornbusch, has released an erotic romance . . . an erotic vampire romance to be exact. Her novel, Quencher, delves into the sexy side of the undead. Quencher is about a woman who turns down a marriage proposal in order to explore her sexuality. She ends up at a vampire dating service, but after her evening’s encounter, scandalous photographs surface, blackmail ensues, investigations follow. The vampires behind the dating service will kill to keep from being discovered.

QUENCHER, an erotic vampire romance
Whiskey Creek Press

Published by Whiskey Creek Press, Dornbusch writes under the pseudonym Ainsley, and the work is co-written by E. Cameron Stacy.

Dornbusch said, “Writing erotica is a departure for me, I usually focus on fantasy and science fiction, but we've been really excited about its reception so far.”

When asked what she is working on now, Dornbusch said, “I'm starting a sequel, Quenched (about a rogue vampire), and I'm also revising a religious thriller set in 2065 Boulder County entitled The Silver Scar. Seems I always have a short story or two going, as well.”

Her advice to new authors: “Read. Write. Critique. Submit. Repeat.”

Dornbusch’s novel can be purchased at:

Fans can read Dornbusch’s blog at:

or follow her on Twitter at:

Dornbusch adds, “Online life has become very important to me. I love the constant contact with fans and the writing community, especially since writing is such a solitary occupation.”

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