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'Betrayal Of Trust' true story of Jules Masserman and Barbara Noel

true story based on book

"Betrayal Of Trust" is a 1994 true-story movie based on the case of Barbara Noel and psychiatrist Jules Masserman. "Betrayal Of Trust" first aired on NBC as a movie based on a true story. It is based on a book entitled "You Must Be Dreaming," by Barbara Noel and Kathryn Watterson.

Some of the real names were used in the telefilm. It is directed by George Kaczender and stars Judith Light, Betty Buckley and Judd Hirsch, according to the New York Times.

"Betrayal Of Trust" synopsis/plot

A woman seeking treatment for drug and alcohol addiction realizes that her psychiatrist is sexually assaulting her, while she is semi-unconscious.

Movie themes: American Psychiatric Association, patient rape, sedation, doctor, psychiatrist

The movie begins with the announcement: "The events depicted in the following represent Barbara Noel's point of view. This is her story."

The true story was inspired by events involving a singer who accused a well-respected psychiatrist of sexually molesting her.

Police say Dr. Jules Masserman repeatedly raped his patient Barbara Noel in the 1980's. The accusations created a frenzied scandal in the media, which resulted in Masserman's suspension to practice medicine for several years.

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