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Bethesda Row is Thriving With Life

Life in Bethesda, Maryland
Life in Bethesda, Maryland
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Bethesda Bagels is a thriving and energetic staple of the Bethesda Community and part of the hustle and bustle of the business of a Bethesda morning routine.

Downtown Bethesda
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Located at 4819 Bethesda Avenue, there are homemade bagels and cream cheese and many other delicious fresh baked goods available in the store, they also offer catering. There is of course coffee, and many other healthy choices for any occasion.

Located in the prime neighborhood of wonderfully extravagant and irresistible delicacies that represent a foodies paradise, Bethesda Row is stocked to the brim with many morning alternatives, such as Quarter Maine coffee, Dun kin Donuts, Starbucks and several other small independently owned restaurants and bars that compete for the night life and daylight business of the many consumers that live in the nearby neighborhoods.

There are boutiques and book shops and jewelry stores and Outerwear stores such as the North face. There are many culturally appealing bistros competing for your attention and they offer some of the best food, such as Tara Thai, Uncle Julio’s Rio Grande Cafe, The Japanese Shop House, and many other selections along Bethesda Avenue.

There is plenty of parking in the many high level garages that are well placed along this section of town. Bethesda Avenue is also four blocks from the Bethesda metro station.

There is a rather interesting boutique called Icebreaker that sells clothing made from Merino Wool but is as soft as cotton and can be worn for forty days without being washed. It is a blessing to those who travel a lot, and cannot wash clothing on a weekly basis. This is a New-Zeal and style clothing company that caters to the outdoorsy and offers active wear that simply does not absorb odor.

There is an Aveda spa located along the Row which offers a full service hair salon and skin aesthetics services.

Bethesda Row is accessible by foot or bicycle and can be enjoyed in every season of the year. It is extremely enjoyable now with spring beginning to blossom and the many outdoor events that will be held in the neighborhoods in the very near future.