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Bethesda responds to lack of 'Elder Scrolls' and 'Fallout' news backlash

Photo courtesy of Bethesda Softworks, used with permission

Pete Hines has further commented on the backlash in regards to the lack of news for the next installments of the "Fallout" and "The Elder Scrolls" franchises. In an interview with Game Zone on May 30, the vice president of Bethesda Softworks was asked if he is concerned about fans negatively reacting to the next video game from the publisher, which is not a sequel of the aforementioned brands. Instead, the company previously confirmed a new intellectual property called "Battlecry" is in development.

Pete Hines stated that the publisher has several studios aside from Bethesda Game Studios, the development team behind the "Fallout" and "The Elder Scrolls" games. He admitted that it doesn't really matter what the publisher will be releasing if fans of the role-playing franchises are looking for something else. You can find a screen featuring "Battlecry" from the official Facebook page of the publisher with the image attached near the top of this article. The comments made by the vice president can be found below:

We’re a company that has seven studios and we’re doing a lot of things that aren’t Bethesda Game Studios or Elder Scrolls or Fallout, and [Battlecry] is yet another. Again, if you’re only looking for something that is Fallout, well, then it doesn’t matter what else we’re doing. I guess you’re not interested.

"Battlecry" is a free-to-play multiplayer video game for up to 32 players. Players can upgrade to new items by earning iron from defeated enemies. The weapons include bows, claws, swords and more. It appears that the new intellectual property will only be coming out for the PC platform sometime next year.

The announcement disappointed many fans of Bethesda Softworks who wanted to hear more about the next project from Bethesda Game Studios. The development team is rumored to be working on "Fallout 4" although Pete Hines previously stated that a reveal is still too early. Another potential project is a successor for "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim." Bethesda Softworks recently released "The Elder Scrolls Online," a massively-multiplayer online role-playing game spin-off of the franchise, although fans wanted a more traditional experience. With both franchises selling well, the publisher should not be keeping the two intellectual properties dormant anytime soon.