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Bethenny Frankel scared of suffering ‘Skinnygirl’ business if secrets come out

Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel
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Bethenny Frankel has been working on her business while filming her talk show. She has tons of assistants working on her business, while she is filming episodes on a daily basis in New York. In addition, she is a mother to little Bryn and she travels whenever she needs to do an appearance. She has also been taking some time off in Miami. According to a new Radar Online report published on Feb. 4, Bethenny Frankel is supposedly worried about business documents coming out as public knowledge.

Apparently, a lawsuit was filed against Bethenny in 2011 because of her business. The lawsuit claimed false advertising and she hasn’t settled it yet. She wants the judge to seal all of the documents in the case, as she is worried about what will happen if they get out. She wants the documents sealed because “the transcript contains non-public, commercially sensitive confidential and proprietary business information.”

The documents include highly confidential “sales data, business plans, research and marketing presentations” and Frankel fears if they go public her company will suffer. The business seems to be taking a backseat to her talk show these days, but if her talk show does not get renewed, her business is what she has.

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