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Bethenny Frankel’s new man just using her for fame?

Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel
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Bethenny Frankel has yet to announce her new relationship, but she was spotted with a new man in Miami over the holidays. On her talk show, she has revealed that she was texting a guy who was more interesting than others. But that guy may be bad news. According to a new Radar Online report published on Jan. 9, Bethenny Frankel is dating a man that could be out for her money.

“I am so happy for them, and everything is going well,” Michael Cerussi III’s mom, Kathryn, has revealed about her son’s new relationship. Apparently, she thinks it is great for him to be dating someone who is that successful. However, his mother will always see him in a positive light. His friends don’t actually think the relationship will last.

Apparently, he has a wandering eye and his friends have labeled him “American Psycho.” “If Bethenny thinks Michael is serious about her or even wants to get into a relationship, she is in for a shock,” a source has revealed. Apparently, his friends feel that he is similar to Christian Bale’s egomaniacal, womanizing character.

“All Mac cares about is wild parties and seducing women,” says the pal. “He goes out three to four nights a week and works out at the gym six days a week. Everything about him screams luxury, from his expensive clothes, his facial cream and haircuts to his car and property.” And since Bethenny has money and has things that he may want.

Do you think she needs to rethink her relationship?