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Bethenny Frankel’s new boyfriend's rape accusation to hurt her custody battle?

Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel
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Bethenny Frankel may have been very secretive about her dating life. She has often told her fans on her talk show that she was nowhere near ready to date, and yet, pictures surfaced of her frolicking with a new man in Miami a week ago. This man is Michael A. Cerussi III and he appears to be a great fit for her. He is much younger, successful in his own career and comes from a wealthy family. But there is also a rape accusation on the table. According to a new Radar Online report published on Jan. 3, Bethenny Frankel’s new boyfriend’s past could possibly hurt her divorce.

Apparently, Micahel was accused of rape, causing him to be expelled from college. He denied the accusation and filed a lawsuit against the school in hopes of getting re-instated. Cerussi and a fraternity brother ”met [alleged victim's name redacted] at a bar near UC late Friday night, November 11, 2000,” the document reads. “[The woman] accompanied them back to their fraternity house and had sexual intercourse with both men.” She and Cerussi “talked afterwards, he drove her home, and she kissed him goodnight,” the document states. “[The woman] then joked with her roommate… about hang sex with both men and did not state that she had been raped.”

There are mixed stories coming from the victim. And it sounds like Michael has done everything to fight for his innocence. However, one has to wonder how this accusation will help Bethenny in her divorce. She is currently in the middle of working out a custody agreement, since she and Jason can’t seem to agree on who should keep their daughter. And one can imagine that Jason will fight with everything possible to make sure his daughter doesn’t like with someone who has been accused of rape.

Do you think this could hurt her custody issue?