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Bethenny Frankel relieved that her show was cancelled

When Bethenny Frankel learned that her daytime talk show had been cancelled, she said she was sad and then called her crew to inform them of the news. However, The Hollywood Reporter reported on Feb. 25 that Bethenny is actually "relieved" and "grateful" that the show was cancelled.

Bethenny Frankel happy to have show behind her
Bethenny Frankel happy to have show behind herPhoto by Brad Barket
Bethenny Frankel relieved to be off talk show
Bethenny Frankel relieved to be off talk showPhoto by Brad Barket

Bethenny penned an open letter to her fans where she said she was not heartbroken at the news and was "a little over myself" when it comes to her show's cancellation. According to the former "Real Housewives of New York" star, she only wanted it to work if she could remain true to herself, and she wasn't.

One of the things that made Bethenny so popular on "Real Housewives of New York" was the fact that she was outspoken and on her talk show, she had to quiet her personality. She said that fact made the show un-authentic. She said in her real life, she could be very inappropriate and that is not suitable for daytime television.

As a result, the Bethenny Frankel on the talk show is not the same person that her fans loved and supported up to that point. While day time television works for people like Ellen Degeneres and Rachael Ray, it wasn't a good fit for her.

Of course, Bethenny never needed the show to begin with. She is the most successful entrepreneur to come from the "Real Housewives" franchise and her Skinnygirl line has made her independently wealthy in its own right. Don't expect to see her back with her own show until she knows it is one that fits who Bethenny Frankel really is.