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Bethenny Frankel protecting her daughter from her new man

Bethenny Frankel
Bethenny Frankel
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Bethenny Frankel has been linked to a new man since New Year’s Eve as they were spotted vacationing in Miami. She has yet to reveal who this man is, but she has said on the show that she has been texting with a new man and that she does find him interesting. According to a new Radar Online report published on Jan. 8, Bethenny Frankel isn’t about to introduce her new man to her daughter.

“There is no way Bethenny would even think about introducing Bryn to Michael,” an insider has revealed. “It would just be too confusing for such a young child.” And one can imagine that Michael isn’t about to visit Bethenny at home, since she is still living with her estranged husband. That could be an awkward encounter.

“With Jason still living under the same roof with Bethenny and Bryn, the only man in her life is her daddy,” the source insists. “Give Bethenny some credit,” the source continues. “She has no restrictions on who she brings around Bryn. Jason tried to play that card in court and lost! If Bethenny was really spiteful, she could have [introduced Bryn to her new man], but she didn’t. More than anything, Bryn is being shielded as much as possible by Bethenny from all of this divorce drama.”

And even if Bethenny wanted to introduce Bryn to her new man, it sounds like Jason has done everything in his power to protect his daughter from all of her dates. “Jason had previously asked a judge to issue an order prohibiting Bethenny from having any of her boyfriends around Bryn,” a source said. “The judge denied Jason’s request before, citing the fact that there was no evidence that being around her mother’s boyfriends harmed her.”

One can imagine that they went to Miami to get to know one another, as New York may be too crowded with Jason Hoppy and her daughter running around the city. What do you think of her new love interest?