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Bethenny Frankel ordered to pay $100,000 for Jason Hoppy's legal fees

Bethenny Frankel's divorce just took a turn for the worse -- at least for her.

Bethenny Frankel and comedian Lisa Lampanelli attend SELF Magazine Celebrates Cover Star Bethenny Frankel at Beauty & Essex on April 24, 2012 in New York City.
Photo by Henry S. Dziekan III

Earlier this year, Jason Hoppy filed documents, requesting Frankel be held financially responsible for his mounting legal bill and this month, the judge granted his request.

"Bethenny Frankel must pay out $100,000 in legal fees to the attorney representing her estranged husband Jason Hoppy in their divorce, after being ordered by the court to do so at once," Radar Online reported on April 24.

However, Frankel's $100,000 will eventually be deducted from the final settlement she reaches with Hoppy, so it's not the worst thing that could have happened.

“Jason would like to get the divorce and custody settled, once and for all,” an insider said, “but Bethenny is making it impossible.”

After filing for divorce in Jan. 2013, Frankel and Hoppy have been at each other's throats, fighting over the custody of their daughter -- and over the money that was made during their marriage. While Hoppy feels that he deserves a portion of what he and Frankel did together with her Skinnygirl brand during the time they were married, the pair signed a pre-nuptial agreement which may keep him, in part, from the majority of her wealth.

Another major issue between the pair has been their New York City home. After Frankel's filing, the pair continued to live together at the home, in a standoff of sorts, both refusing to move out. Although Frankel did eventually move out, she is still requesting the home be given to her in the divorce.

Frankel is also hoping to establish custody of their daughter Bryn.

At first, both parties filed for joint custody, but as time went on and tensions grew, their filings changed, and now, Frankel wants full custody with Hoppy having visitation to the child.

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