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Bethel case is a wake up call for athletes who dream of playing in college

Bethel's sobering reality
Bethel's sobering reality

Nigel Bethel has been dismissed from the Texas Tech football team, as reported by ESPN, after an assault on a female Texas Tech basketball player during a pickup basketball game. Bethel is facing a felony assault charge and will be looking to transfer to another school after the summer term ends. It is a sobering wakeup call to the "real world" where actions have consequences. Bethel's talents will be in high-demand at another school but no doubt, this incident will follow him. It is a dream for many High school athletes to be recruited to play college ball but the world of college sports has realities that must be prepared for together with playing on TV. So, young athletes must learn how to control their emotions and judgement off the field by any means available.

The NCAA has proven, with its dubious recent treatment of student-athletes that college won't be a place to mature. Students are confronted right away with situations that test their character and ability to exercise good judgment. It is an unfair but actual fact that they must have a mature personality and be almost ultra-responsible upon entering college. With the emphasis placed on wins and athletic performance at major college football programs, recruits are setup to fail. An athlete's parents may be a positive or negative influence on an athlete's maturity development as well as a group of friends. Perhaps with the advances being made with the Ed O'Bannon lawsuit against the NCAA and the creation of an athlete's union this year at Northwestern University, tailored programs for athletes can be created to help.