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Bethe Correia has fighting words for Shayna Baszler

Bethe Correia wants a piece of Shayna Baszler
Courtesy of Zuffa/Promo photo

According to a Feb. 8 tweet from Bethe Correia, the undefeated Brazilian sensation (7-0) wants a piece of Shayna Baszler after her meeting with Jessamyn "The Gun" Duke on Apr. 26 at UFC 172.

"@QoSBaszler You're next," Correia tweeted to Baszler, after the "TUF" veteran had a little fun with wordplay from her official Twitter handle.

Correia, 30, was apparently annoyed that Baszler tweeted a message that mocked her her "Pitbull" fighter nickname.

"@bethecorreia @jessamynduke @CPTdasAmericas @MMARoasted u know what they say: dont bring a pitbull to a #gunfight," Baszler had tweeted to her legion of Twitter followers.

Duke then chimed in with some playful banter of her own.

"@CPTdasAmericas @MMARoasted @bethecorreia #DontPlayWithGuns," Duke tweeted to Correia.

The Brazilian then fired back by telling Duke she's indestructible.

".#IAMBULLETPROOF "@jessamynduke: @CPTdasAmericas @MMARoasted @bethecorreia #DontPlayWithGuns" Correia tweeted back to Duke.

So far, the Twitter battle between Correia and Duke hasn't crossed the line into personal attacks. For the most part, the feud has consisted of tweets based on puns and double entendres.

It hasn't gotten ugly to the point of the UFC's PR staff needing to step in to tell the ladies to tone it down.

Correia and Duke deserve props for creating a little buzz around their fight with some light-hearted trash-talking. This isn't 2005 anymore, when fighters could let their fists do the talking and not have to worry about anything else.

The most popular fighters in today's era of MMA are the ones who can back up their skills inside the cage with some quality work on the microphone.

Correia and Duke instantly raised their profiles and generated interest in their upcoming fight by having some fun on social media.

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