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Bethany Townsend: Woman transforms modeling, colostomy bags photo a huge success

Bethany Townsend is the name of the young woman today transforming preconceived notions of modeling. After uploading photos online of herself wearing a bikini while baring her colostomy bags for the world to see, she has become a huge success almost overnight. reports this Thursday, July 3, 2014, that her viral images have already been viewed millions of times and counting, and the massive support she has received has prompted her to become a professional model.

Twitter Photo File, (Bethany Townsend ABC)
Bethany Townsend has viral photo with new modeling twist

Normally one’s colostomy bags would be something that a woman would want to hide, but not Bethany Townsend. The brave 23-year-old with an incredible figure decided to show her colostomy bags for the very first time in a public setting, and her photo might very well have launched her into an incredibly successful modeling career. The tattooed makeup artist, who has been a longtime sufferer of Crohn’s disease, has already had her newly uploaded photos clicked on an estimated nearly 10 million times, as of Thursday afternoon.

In a public statement, Townsend has revealed that she is unbelievably grateful and inspired by all the online support she has been given. The young woman has said that she has struggled all her life with her appearance and the colostomy bags — a necessity for her due to the advanced stage of her Crohn’s disease. Now, the massively positive reactions to her hit photos on Twitter have encouraged her to not just proudly accept herself, but actually pursue a contract as a professional model.

"I didn't expect this kind of reaction at all,” Townsend revealed this week to Caters news source. “The photo has been seen by millions of people and it's had 190,000 likes and over 10,000 comments on Facebook - it's just gone ballistic.”

According to ABC News, Bethany baring her bags for all to see in a bikini has received such a massive response due to the 23-year-old taking her health issue by the horns and ultimately “transforming” the idea of modeling. Essentially, she is showing via her courageous photos that it is important for us to accept our beauty, despite our “flaws,” and be confident in how we look and how we feel.

Crohn’s disease, as defined by the National Institutes of Health, is a prolonged condition that can cause a variety of issues along the human digestive tract, including swelling, pain, inflammation, and irritation. Among other problems, frequent symptoms of Crohn’s can include bleeding from the rectum, diarrhea, and bouts of abdominal pressure. Bethany Townsend has a particularly severe case of the disease. She was forced to have a portion of her intestine taken out and connected with a colostomy bag in order to transport feces from the operation site.

Although Bethany underwent the procedure for the bags almost five years ago — previous surgeries were unsuccessful in helping improve her health — she has since kept her “secret” hidden from the world. It wasn’t until this week that the transformative makeup artist turned model decided to reveal her colostomy bags for all to see. The 23-year-old took to Facebook and her personal Instagram account to share the photos. The viral images were soon posted on the official Chrohn’s and Colitis UK page on Facebook, where they became an Internet sensation.

"I sent them the picture and my information, and it all blew up from there," Townsend said. "It's huge."

Congratulations to Bethany Townsend’s courage and this young woman’s recent success. Hopefully, she may find a modeling career due to these photos — she certainly has the looks and bikini ready form for it — that may serve as an inspiration to other young women struggling with their body image or actually going through a similar situation as a result of Crohn’s disease. What do you think of the hit image of this beautiful young woman and her brave decision?

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