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Bethany Mota offers ‘shopping hauls’; YouTube star has millions of subscribers

Have you heard about Bethany Mota? The young YouTube star is said to make over $40,000 a month on her video channel by talking about her shopping. It might sound weird, but her focus on the videos is on her “shopping hauls.” According to the Business Insider on Saturday, the YouTube star goes to the typical fashion stores, buys products and posts videos going through her bags after shopping making comments about the items.

One of Bethany Mota’s YouTube channel has more than 4.8 million subscribers and she has millions of fans following her on Twitter and Instagram too. The teen usually shares with fans her shopping items and she is casual about it as she sits on her bedroom and chats about her life. With more viewers than most fashion magazines, the young entertainer has captured the market on sharing details for the teen crowd who loves fashion.

The fans enjoy Bethany’s weekly video because she makes people feel like they are her friend and her conversation approach is very soft. The videos are personal and viewers love to hear what Bethany has bought, her decisions on style and how she has enjoyed products. The young viewers love her style and watch her videos in the millions.

The popularity of Bethany Mota has brought a line of clothing to a local story. The YouTube star has a namesake line for Aéropostale with clothing and jewelry.

Bethany Mota might night be a name most adults have not heard of, but the teens know this super successful woman and they don’t mind following Mota’s style advice.

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