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Beth Wellington is San Francisco street poet, artist and much much more

Beth Wellington
Janet Gallin

Beth Wellington is many things, Outspoken, plain-spoken, beautifully spoken, humor-filled, emotionally accessible and easy to understand. She is a marketing manager by day, and in her heart at all times is a poet who seems to have no problem expressing herself. This was evident at the City Art gallery exhibit Love Letters Written and Unwritten in which about her 60 of her love poems were fastened to ribbons and displayed in the window of the gallery. No surprise at the zeal with which viewers surveyed this presentation. Love does make the world go ‘round, and any hints about how to get on that merry merry-go-round are welcome. Written and unwritten, as well as written and unsent is the key here. How tempting it might be to send long-ago written love poems even to sweethearts who are no longer part of our lives?

Can you imagine the joy of finding Beth at work on the street with an old fashioned typewriter, a smile and an open heart ready as she serves the lineup of people who need a poem to send to a lover? Or to keep for yourself because there no reason you cannot sometimes be your own best lover. I invite you to listen to Beth talk about her work, love that has slid past and what it takes to put yourself out there on the street with naught but a smile and a typewriter, working as a street poet. And, now my pleasure to share one of Beth’s poems.

Dear John,

Sometimes I wonder what would have been

If a reply to your email I did send

I was younger and oh so scared

You held my heart but did not know

How fragile it was and what could be lost

Instead I protected it and wrapped it up safe

And here I am and it’s too late

To find out if we were ideal mates.

I should have said “I love you.”

I was so afraid

In retrospect, I’m not sure why

Did I think you’d make me cry?

Instead of keeping what I had

I lost what could have been

It’s too late now, I know

To let my feelings show

I’ll say it now without remorse

Even though I’m not on course.

I love you.

Even now and always.

Thank you, Beth. One question for the world of people who have loved: Is it ever too late to let your feelings show? Even though there are issues to consider in how you send those feelings, is love expressed even years later not a huge gift?

From me to you with love I the air,

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