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Bet you wood drive this Japanese wooden supercar

Japanese manufacturing skills just can’t be beat across many industries, no argument here. They also have a gift for producing vehicles that are considered to be pretty reliable and efficient. A group of highly skilled craftsmen at the Japan-based Sada-Kenbi company took their furniture woodworking skills to an unbelievable level by creating a supercar made out of wood.

The street legal, three-wheeled Maniwa is based roughly on a Lamborghini.

The convertible “Maniwa’s” steering column is made up from a Honda scooter and it has a huge rear spoiler, operational gull-wing doors, working headlights, handlebar steering wooden hubcaps and a glass engine cover. And yes, it is drivable! As far as power, the car can certainly hold it’s own in any soapbox derby, as it is capable of hitting a not-too-shabby top speed of 50 mph.

The street legal, three-wheeled Maniwa is based roughly on a Lamborghini. The car’s interior is surprisingly spacious enough for one person in the front and two more passengers can sit pretty on a bench in the car’s rear. There is also a kid-friendly smaller version of the Maniwa that is pedal-powered.

The stylish Maniwa took five months to build and it can be yours for a mere $35,000. For now however, the Maniwa’s manufacturer reportedly plans on hiring out the vehicle for spiffy events like weddings.

Wood you or wooden you have the nerve to drive around in a buggy like the Maniwa? Bet you wood! Check out the Maniwa’s video.

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