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Bet You Didn't See That Coming

Jeremie Webb

Today’s Torah Devotional from Exodus 40:1-16
The Second Book of the Torah, “Shemot,” “Names.”
This weeks reading is, “Pekudey,” “The accounts of the Sanctuary”

Today’s reading begins with GOD speaking to Moses/Moshe saying:

“On the first day of the first month, (Nissan) you shall erect the Communion Tent Tabernacle. Place the Ark of Testimony there and shield it with the cloth partition…”

…” Bring in the table, set it up, the menorah and it’s lamps. Place the gold incense altar directly in front of the Ark of the Testimony and set up the drape at the Tabernacles entrance.”…

…”Place the sacrificial altar in front of the Communion Tent Tabernacle’s entrance, then place the washstand between the Communion Tent and the Altar, and fill it with water.”…

…”Take the annointing oil and anoint the Tabernacle and everything in it. You will thus sanctify it and all it’s equipment making it holy.”

HE continues instructing Moshe to anoint the altar, the washstand and all of their equipment, thereby making them holy of holies.

Moshe is to bring Aaron and his sons to the Communion Tents entrance, having them immersed in a mikvah, they are to put on the sacred vestments.

They are to then be anointed, sanctifying them as priest unto GOD, in an eternal hereditary priesthood for all generations.

Moshe does all this exactly as GOD has commanded.

We now see the timeline of events from the exodus of Egypt to the erecting of the Communion Tent being one year.

GOD had established the month of Nissan as the First Month of the Year, after the exodus from Egypt. Now one year later, the people have the Communion Tent Tabernacle where GOD may dwell with them and they may come to seek HIM.

Its also amazing to see how the Israelites constructed the Communion Tent and all of its equipment in such a short time. They were, after all, working in the wilderness.

Everything is in place for the erection of the Tent, the anointing of all it’s equipment and the installation of Aaron as the high priest.

Moshe has blessed all who put their hands to work in establishing the completion of all GOD had ordered for HIS dwelling place.

Now GOD has given the final decree of order for HIS Tabernacle. Specific instructions, once again, as to the preparation for HIS entrance, for HIS Tabernacle.

It’s amazing how obvious GOD is, how consistent HE is and how HE always gives instructions for HIS Will.

If we only pay attention to HIS word, we will see HIS Will right before us in black and white.

We often question what HIS Will is for our lives, if we are “in HIS Will,” or if it, “be HIS Will,” for the things we want, yet all we need do is read HIS Will in the pages of HIS word, HIS history, HIS consistency.

HE doesn’t change, HE never has, nor shall HE ever, for to do so would negate HIM as GOD.

Why then do we question? Why do we worry or concern ourselves, wondering what HE wants from us?

It’s very obvious what HE wants, what HIS Will is for us and our lives. HE is always very clear, we are the ones who get cloudy.

We want to bring in our desires, our own agenda’s and most often our own ego’s to serve our own ideals.

This is where we get cloudy and uncertain, when we have our plans, our ideas and our agenda’s and GOD’s plans don’t meet up with our expectations.

When we confuse our desires with HIS Will, then we become unsure, unsteady and unclear on what to do next.

There is a verse in scripture which reads, “…they who wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength…”

We love to quote that scripture when we are “waiting on the Lord.” But do we truly know what it means to “wait?”

When we go out to eat, we are “waited” upon. When we enlist someones services we are being “waited” upon. Why then do we want to translate this scripture as something other than waiting?

Waiting upon someone is not sitting, or patiently going about whatever else while we anticipate something happening from GOD.

This scripture may serve us better if we take the translation of “wait upon the Lord,” as just that, “serving the Lord.”

If we become the servers, waiters and waitresses of GOD, we Will renew our strength, we Will mount up on wings like the eagles, we Will run and not grow weary, we Will walk and not faint, if we are only willing to be the waiter/server of GOD.

HE has, and always will have, made the way of our lives straight. HE is Adonai Yireh, the Lord who sees and provides, what more could we possibly ask?

IF we are waiting upon, “serving HIM,” we have all that we need, want, desire, dream or could possibly achieve for HE will give us HIS desires into our hearts.

HE will provide for HIS people. Who are HIS people, those who wait upon HIM.

Just as we have read in the building of the Communion Tent, the people came together and put their hands to work to FULFILL GOD’S ORDER!

Sounds like waiters to me, what about you?

What are your thoughts on these scriptures?

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