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‘Bet on Your Baby’: Parents wager on toilet paper, telephones for college fund

Bet on Your Baby season premiere has parents placing wagers
Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

The season premiere of “Bet on Your Baby” is going to have parents wondering how well they really know their children. The game show is based off the idea that in real life the parents get to know their child’s every move and can easily predict it. Add a wager and the chance to start a college fund has everyone excited to participate. According to the Fayetteville Observer on Friday, the parents get serious as their predictions could help their children's future education.

In the second season premiere, viewers meet 3-year old Nyla and her parents Calee and Arthur King. The parents are betting on the kid picking up the telephone. They hope she’ll pick up the phone within 6 rings to win $5,000 in the game “Pickup Line.”

There are other cute kids too. The Hahn Triplets - Jacob, Tyler and Audrey - play “TP Takeoff.” Can they empty 3 rolls of toilet paper within 90 seconds? This hilarious idea isn’t so funny when it happens at home, but when money is riding on the action it seems the kids get a little bit reserved.

There are other kids that viewers will watch while the parents make their wagers. Four-year-old Rozlynn loves dressing up with her mom Wanda Cohill and will wear anything. Grandma Tajee wagers on which costume her granddaughter will select. And 4-year-old A.J. Rodriguez plays “Peanut Putter,” a mini-golf game, with his dad Lupe, while mom Angela guesses how many holes in one he’ll land in the over-sized cup.

At the end all the parents return for a high-stakes game of “Baby Talk,” in which they guess the mystery word Melissa and their children are describing. One lucky family moves on to try to break the piggy bank and win a $50,000 college fund. Incorporating kids into a game show really offers an interesting perspective on the bond between a parent and their child. The show is lighthearted fun and everyone goes home a winner.

“Bet on Your Baby” season premiere airs Saturday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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