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Bet on Oscar Pistorius’ trial outcome? Paddy Power’s ad mimics Academy Awards

Paddy Power ad that looks like the Academy Awards
Paddy Power ad that looks like the Academy Awards
Paddy Power/Newspaper ad

Oscar Pistorius’ trial started in South Africa on Monday morning and people around the world are tuning in to watch the proceedings. The majority of viewers watching the courtroom have called the viewing quite boring as the idea of court isn't as glamorous as Law and Order. According to Marketing Week on Monday, the fans are encouraged to get into the court case another way by betting. Paddy Power’s new campaign is to encourage people to bet on what the court might decide.

Whether the idea is offensive or not, the ad should have Hollywood tripping out. After the Oscars handed out some of the biggest awards of the evening on Sunday night, the spotlight should be on the winners. Paddy Power has other interests in mind.

Photoshopping a picture of Oscar Pistorius’ on the top of a golden trophy, the ad has the feel of the Academy Awards. The shock of finding out that people are encouraged to bet on the decision of someone’s life using Hollywood's hardware is quite rude.

Oscar Pistorius’ outcome is yet to be determined by the courts, however this idea of ripping a headline from the Oscars definitely should be questioned. It sends the wrong message and really is disgusting. Plus, there are no winners in Pistorius’ case. He is on trial, his girlfriend is dead and the world is consumed with the outcome of a case instead of focusing on real news.