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Best work from home writing jobs

Hillary (lamenta3) from

After reading the first two articles about online magazine jobs that allow you to write from home, you have a good grip on what most sites accept. Two of the best writing sites however (for people in Louisville, or for people who aren't) are:


  • - Writing for means local based articles. If your the Louisville Nightlife Examiner, then you will be wanting to right about the Louisville Nightlife; nightclubs, bars, events etc. There are tons of categories to choose from. Pay is based on page views as well as their local incentive program. If you fulfill their article requirements, you receive $1 an article, up to 5 a week, on top of your pay per page view revenue. This can earn a lot of money in the long run if you have patience and you get $50 for referring someone else to the site. (Take Note: Yes I do write for Examiner, but I do not receive anything for mentioning them here. Not even a pat on the back, so my opinion is not biased in this at all and should not affect your own decision)

  • Suite101 - Suite101 is by far the most professional web writing site I have ever seen. Their writer community is excellent for networking and improving your skills. As a contributing writer for S101, you can write about anything you like, as a feature writer, you must write at least 1 article in your category each week, though you can still write about other categories too. Feature Writers receive a 10% increase on their pay, as do contributing writers who have written over 50 articles. Pay is based on Ad sense revenue. Some writers have made hundreds to thousands of dollars a month at S101, though it is a long term based pay. Another great thing about S101 is that you will continue to receive payment on your articles, even after you stop writing for s101. I highly recommend this site.

So, this is a good idea of what the web has to offer, and this is not an conclusive list at all. New sites are always forming and some leave, so first order of business: DO YOUR RESEARCH! When you do find what is right for you, keep a copy of the contracts, terms and conditions, privacy policies etc. Some websites, especially new ones, may change their contract so it is good to have a copy of the one you sign for legal purposes.

And if you haven’t all ready be sure to check out the article titled: Writers work from home - Tips.