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Best wine shops in Atlanta-Perrine's Wine Shop Atlanta's gem among wine stores

Perrine's Wine Shop-Atlanta
Perrine's Wine Shop-Atlanta
Courtesy of Perrine's Wine Shop

Perrine's Wine Shop opened its doors in August 2010 at Atlanta's hip West-side Provision District (est. 2008). The beautiful and welcoming space offer a great selection of new and old world wines at great price points. In addition to wine you can find a well thought limited selection of wonderful artisan cheeses, cured meats and oils.

Perrine Prieur arrived to Atlanta from Burgundy, France in October 2006, where she worked as the sommelier at JOËL Brasserie Restaurant for 4 years. Perrine grew up just a few miles from Chablis, close to some of the most recognized French wine regions. Her family planted their first grapes in 1990. Perrine acquired a passion for food and wine at a very young age. For several years she traveled throughout France, working in various kitchens and finally deciding to pursue her passion for wine. After getting a degree from Le Castel Sommelier School, she moved to London and worked as a Sommelier at Le Gavroche Restaurant. Upon arriving in Atlanta only speaking French, she learned English and earned a Sommelier certification from the Master of Sommelier Institute.

Perrine shared a Q & A with us:

Q: What inspired you to open the wine shop?

A: "I wanted to open the wine shop because I love wine!!! I wanted to bring to the community (west side) a place where they can feel comfortable buying wine and don't be scare to ask for recommendations. I wanna make our customers feel important and don't want them to go to a grocery store to pick a bottle because they won't feel intimidating there. I want them to feel comfortable asking questions at Perrine's. I love wine and the social element around it, and I wanna share it every day!!!"

Q: What is that you enjoy the must about wine?

A: "When I share it with people I love! It's always something new and an occasion to open a bottle. I love the fact that there is someone behind each bottle of wine I sell; a story to be share, someone passionate about the earth and the winemaking."

Q: How do you see Atlanta position against other big wine markets like NY, SF, LA, Chicago and Miami?

A: "Importers and distributors need to consider our market even more because Atlantans are drinking a lot of wine, and they are loving it. They are thirsty to learn more and try new wines. I have a lot of customer that travel to those cities and they come back to Atlanta and ask for an amazing wine they tasted in NYC, Chicago and ask me to find it.... 95% of the time it's not for sale in GA."

In addition to offering a great wine selection Perrine offer a special catalog of recipes for at-home wine-and-dining, personalized cards will feature "Pairings by Perrine", handwritten wine suggestions to enjoy with a hand-crafted meal at home. Perrine’s Wine Shop also offer weekly wine tastings and educational classes, for a reasonable price you can taste great wine selections, discover what you like and learn about it.

Visit Perrine's Wine Shop and discover a great world of wine.


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