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Best weekly deals at Aldi’s: Eat better on a tight grocery budget

Best weekly deals at Aldi’s: Eat better on a tight grocery budget
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Each year thousands of people make the promise to eat healthier but often find that their grocery budget dollars are so tight that it is difficult to keep that promise. Fortunately Aldi’s has made it their mission to offer lower prices on produce and other healthier foods.

In the Aldi’s weekly flyer posted on the website Jan. 19, savvy shoppers looking for deals on produce can find a variety of low prices on items that can be used to create healthy, flavorful meals for their families. Remember that when you shop at Aldi’s you will need to bring your own shopping bags or buy them at the market. Plastic bags are 10¢ each and paper bags are 5¢ each. Keep your bags in your car so that you always have them on hand when you go shopping. You can replace them as needed, or use bags from other markets. You will also need a quarter for use of a cart at Aldi’s. When you are done using the cart, return it to the rack, connect it to the other carts and you get your quarter back.

The best deals on produce for at Aldi's the week of Jan. 19 through Jan. 25 are:

  • Roma tomatoes: 20-ounce package for 99¢
  • Mini cucumbers: 16-ounce package for $1.69
  • Mini sweet peppers: 16-ounce package for $1.99
  • Organic baby carrots: 16-ounce package for 99¢
  • Avocados: 99¢ each
  • Limes: 16-ounce package for 89¢
  • Onions: three pound package for 99¢
  • Little Salad Bar garden bag salad mix: 12-ounce package for 99¢

Best deals on poultry, fish and meats at Aldi’s for the week of Jan. 19 through Jan. 25:

  • Whole chickens, average 4 to 5 pounds: 95¢ per pound
  • Fit & Active fresh turkey tenderloins: 30-ounce package: $5.99
  • Fresh pork sirloin roast: $1.49 per pound

Check the Aldi’s website or your local Aldi’s market for other specials on poultry, fish and meats. You may be able to find frozen swai, a mild boneless skinless fish, for $5.99 for two pounds. Also available may be Kirkwood boneless, skinless chicken breasts, but the price varies from store to store.

Be sure to check out the dairy section at Aldi’s as they have everyday low prices on eggs, milk and cheese. Also available are cartons of egg whites and egg substitutes at low prices.

Smart shoppers can also find healthier for you cereals such as Aldi’s brands of shredded wheat, corn flakes, crispy rice and bran flakes, at low every day prices.

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