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Best Ways to Enjoy CrossFit Workouts

CrossFit has gained a huge following with the circus style, athletic, challenging workouts. It's no wonder that many CrossFit athletes to experience muscle soreness, fatigue, and/ or minor injuries to the intensity of the sport. But there are things you can do to minimize injuries and muscle soreness.

1. Don't do it all. Take breaks during the workout and skip exercises that leave you in pain or dizzy. Every move is not for "every" body. So be smart and know your limits.

2. Hydrate Before, During and After. Most people forget to hydrate BEFORE the workout thinking they'l have to run to the restroom for a break ( which may be a strategy in taking a break ) but it may help with performance.

3. Rock it out. Rocktape is a special type of kinesiology tape applied directly on the skin to delay fatigue, stabilize joints, promote ring and hand burn, and promote correct form throughout workout by keeping the joints stabilized by supporting muscles. The functional training tape was created in 2010 and today works directly with CrossFit trainers to improve athlete’s performance and movement.

4. Form Matters. Proper form and movement patterns go a long way. Work with a trainer before you head into a CrossFit class that has experience with the moves performed. Make sure you have stable shoulders by working rotator cuff drills, strong hips by hitting the hamstrings and add in some balance training on a BOSU or rocking platform to be sure you have a good base for the athletic movements in the class.

Stay healthy and fit all summer.

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