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Best way to save on food is to forage

The best way to save on food is to forage when and wherever you can. Buying groceries to feed your family should not take a business degree. With today’s high prices on food, many people are simply going without certain foods in order to save on their grocery budget.

Foraging offers a much better way to save on food and is one of the best things you can teach yourself and your kids. Many who are learning self reliance are also quickly finding out just how much money can truly be saved by learning this ancient technique for food procurement.

Unless you are standing in a concrete jungle, there is food to forage all around you if you know what you are looking for. A great place to start learning how to identify edible plants is to visit your local botany expert. There are many who teach edible plants courses and a search through the internet will help guide you to one.

Foraging for edible plants and nuts is not limited to spring and summer. One of the best ways to save on your food bill is to gather edible foods while in season and then dry, can, or freeze them for the winter months.

You can save a lot of money on produce by learning how to forage. Many salad greens can be located right in your own yard. A few examples are wild lettuce, dandelion, clover, sorrel, onion, and plantain. Locating just these few greens is easier than you might think. When you learn to forage for greens, all you need to spend money on is tomatoes and salad dressing.

Another great food item to forage for is nuts. You can also learn the many types of nuts that are available in your area by reading books on local flora and fauna and by taking foraging courses nearby. Nuts are another great food item to store for winter months and are one of the best food sources for saving on your food bill.

The best way to learn this ancient form of grocery shopping is to learn edible plants from local experts and then apply what you learn by going out and hunting for these plants, nuts, and fruit. It is quite amazing to find out just how much money you can save by learning this priceless technique.

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