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Best views in Austin

Sunset over Town Lake
Sunset over Town Lake
Melissa Sue Photography

When you travel there is always that one picture that you are trying to create to show friends and family back home what you had seen.  Whether it's of the social life, the landscapes, or just something that really intrigued you, you snap away with your camera in order to find that perfect picture.   Austin, Texas has so many interesting views for people of all kinds. 

City Skyline- Zilker Park Clubhouse on Clubhouse Road already a great setting offers a wonderful view of the Austin skyline.  Key here is to have a great zoom lens so that you don't get the highway in your picture, (unless that is what you are looking for)-remember, don't use your digital zoom, since you won't be able to get a sharp picture using it.  Town Lake, you can either get in a kayak or canoe, or you may just want to stand on the pedestrian bridge, either way this view is up close and personal with the skyline and even better at night.

Colorado River- Mt. Bonnell off of Mt. Bonnell Road in North Austin, you get a great view of the Colorado River in between Lake Travis and Town Lake.  In this view, you will also see some of Austin's finest homes.   Mt. Bonnell is also a great place to picnic, walk, or watch the sunset.  Pennybacker Bridge  is another place off of 2222 in North Austin.  Here you will see the bending of the Colorado River, small cliffs, and an amazing golf course.

Streets of Austin- South Congress Street is a great place to see the artsy and the creative.  Not only are there restaurants that describe Austin to the 'T,' but there are shops, museums, and great outdoor venues. 6th Street is one of the main stops in downtown Austin for people of all kinds.  On the east side of 6th Street you will see more tattoo parlors, clubs, and restaurants of all kinds.  The west part of 6th Street is a little bit more lounge-like, with karaoke, outdoor patios, and I would go as far as to say a little closer to the 'adult' version of 6th Street.  Both sides are a must see and then you can decide where your favorite place is. 

There are so many views of downtown Austin and its surroundings that I can promise you that you will not go home disappointing anyone with your camera skills.  Here are some more great opportunities to show your friends and family what Austin, Texas is all about:  University of Texas grounds, Texas Capital and History Museum, Barton Springs and Zilker Park, Murals of Austin, and so many more

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