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Best Valentine's gifts for men: Surprise him with a new Kindle Fire HDX (sale)

Best Valentines gifts for men: Surprise him with a new Kindle Fire (V-Day sale/ deal)
Best Valentines gifts for men: Surprise him with a new Kindle Fire (V-Day sale/ deal)
Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

Intro: Do you really want to know how to surprise your boyfriend on Valentine's Day? Give him something he really wants as a V-Day gift but won't tell you. Let's face it. Normally, we think of Valentine surprises as chocolates and hearts and flowers. It is, but good gift ideas for Valentine's Day (or any day) also have the receiver in mind. If your boyfriend or husband is a gadget lover, then you'll definitely want to take advantage of Amazon's Valentine's Day sale on Kindle Fire HDX.

We all have those fantasies, don't we? Where we spend hours agonizing over the right gift for our boyfriends or husbands on Valentine's Day. We can imagine their happy smiles and shining eyes as they open their Valentine's Day gift.

We really do ask ourselves what are the best Valentine's gifts for men and we often find that what they might want is something other than what we think.

But then we feel guilty for buying him some guy gadget thing like a Kindle Fire HDX, thinking that we should get him something much more romantic. Even though we know he'd love one. Even though he'd use it to watch his favorite movies or read a classic mystery novel.

Is this really how to surprise your boyfriend for Valentine's Day -- by getting him something you know he'll love? He probably has been hinting at it.

If so, here's the scoop on the Kindle Fire Sale for V-Day:

The HDX costs $199.
The HDX 8.9 costs $339.
The Kindle Fire HD costs $189.

(Note this doesn't include add-ons that you choose and prices will vary, depending on the device you buy.)

You can add some Valentine's Day surprises to the Kindle Fire HDX like WiFi plus 4G LTE through AT&T or Verizon.

There's also accessories for this great Valentine gift. Choose an Origami Leather case or a screen protector for a bit more. You can back this Valentine gift for your boyfriend or husband with a warranty.

To take advantage of this Valentine's Day sale and surprise your Valentine, click on this link to the Kindle Fire HDX on Amazon. Look carefully at the adds. The gold bar at the top has the best deals on the Kindle Fire HDX.

This is a great Valentine's Day surprise for the guy who loves video games or movies or digital books.

Here are some FREE digital books for you to surprise your boyfriend with on Valentine's Day. Just download them onto his new Kindle Fire HDX before you give it to him on V-Day.

This Kindle Fire Sale is the first major sale of the year after the Christmas holiday season.

Still not convinced? A poll on MSN suggests that you get him something that you know he's really going to like, and if he's a gadget guy, he's going to like that you bought him a Kindle Fire HDX for Valentine's Day. You can still make him something romantic for Valentine's Day dinner.

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