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Best vacuum cleaners for pet hair

When it comes to pet hair, you need the best of the best in vacuum cleaners.
When it comes to pet hair, you need the best of the best in vacuum cleaners.
Photo by Bruno Vincent

In the United States, over thirty percent of people have one or more cats, and almost 40 percent of people have one or more dogs. This means that Americans are very attached to their animals. However, we do not care for all of the hair that our pets shed. It can be very difficult to keep up with pet hair removal, so I am always looking out for the best way to clean up pet hair.

We will look at the best vacuum for pet hair in this article, and recommend the best place to buy these products for the best value. Keeping your home free of pet hair is one of the many challenges of keeping it beautiful.

The machine that is suggested by the majority of pet owners is the Miele S7260 Cat & Dog. It is without a doubt the most recommended vacuum for those with pets and it was created exclusively for animal lovers. The reviews and feedback on this vacuum are very positive. It is not an inexpensive vacuum though, and those seeking to purchase one will find that they cost between five and six hundred dollars; however, there are refurbished models available on for around $300. If a refurbished model is okay with you, this would be an excellent and cost effective option. The Miele Anima Vacuum is excellent on both carpets and hardwood, doesn’t have a bag to change out, has edge cleaning bristles, and a large cleaning path to make vacuuming as easy as possible.

Another excellent choice for pet hair, and the vacuum I personally have, is the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser. Our home contains two cats and a dog, so it is a daily struggle to stay ahead of the fur. My Bissell Pet Hair Eraser was purchased at a major retail store a couple of years ago, and was an excellent value. Other pet owners have been pleased with this model as well, and it has excellent reviews and recommendations for removing pet hair. It is also considerably cheaper than the Dyson Animal, since it is available for less than two hundred dollars at big box stores. It was created for removing pet hair, has many convenient attachments, comes with HEPA filtration, and does not require bags.

The Kenmore Progressive Upright was also rated highly, and when tested against over 60 other models, it preformed the best. It is an excellent vacuum for pet hair and is known to clean the most difficult cat hair up easily. It is available from big box retailers, like Walmart, for about two hundred and fifty dollars, or from department stores like Sears for around three hundred and twenty five dollars. It is known to perform as well as the Miele Animal, has an excellent selection of attachments, and does not require a bag.

When you are shopping for a certain product, like a vacuum for pet hair, it is always helpful to visit sites that give you honest opinions and reviews from those who have purchased the product. In my experience, is an excellent source for this purpose. With this site, you can be sure that you are reading products that have been honestly reviewed by customers who have chosen to review the product. Make sure you visit prior to making your next large (or minor) buy!

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