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Best Travel Destinations for Seniors

You might not be interested in the same places as your younger family members – places that are too crowded, loud or full of activities you just don’t don’t care to partake in. There are great travel spots that you might not have guessed would be so hospitable, or offer such great discounts to seniors. Maybe you want to do some fishing or camping, or maybe you just want to be pampered?

There are many different types of destinations that will be both comfortable or more active and outdoorsy, depending on the experience you want while you are traveling. Here are some great travel destinations that are good for anyone of any age, but are especially great for seniors.

Road Trip? If you enjoy the journey more than the destination (or equally), look into renting an RV and making a few stops in your general area of the country. Sometimes this is the most fun and adventurous way to take a vacation, especially if there are a few places you would like to see in one or two month’s time. National parks all over the nation have beautiful senior and equally beautiful discounts for seniors. Some even offer free admission to seniors on veteran’s day or on other national holidays. You can stay in a bed and breakfast in a quiet area close to nature, a slightly larger hotel for maximum comfort and convenience, or plan to go tent camping or sleep in your RV if you have one.

Branson, Missouri is always high on the list for great senior travel destinations. Play golf at one of the many golf courses or visit the Silver Dollar City theme park, which provides fun and entertainment for people of all ages. This might be the best place to suggest as a vacation to for your extended family, your children and grandchildren, as they are all likely to find something fun to do. Branson is referred to as the “live music show capital of the world” and is much like Vegas in the way of live acts. A few interesting attractions are the Hollywood Wax Museum, Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Museum and the Titanic Museum.

Key West, Florida is a beautiful 77 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny during the months of the year when you might want to escape the cold, and is one of the best vacation destinations for seniors. You can go for a dip in the turquoise ocean, eat at an authentic Cuban restaurant and visit the historic seaports and marinas. If you want to do something a little more daring, you can go snorkeling, diving, or have a dolphin encounter at dolphin cove.

Portland, Oregon is great for taking your time and making your way around the city to see the sights. Portland is known for it’s great public transportation, bike trails and accommodations for pedestrians, so this is a great place for seniors who want to get plenty of fresh air and exercise, as well as the convenience of a large city. Be sure to bring an umbrella, since this area gets plenty of rain for most of the year.

Hawaii is on everyone’s dream itinerary, and this is another place where you can bring the rest of the family. The island of Molokai is a little more wild and untamed, while Oahu is more refined, with golf courses and the U.S. Army Museum of Hawaii.

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