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Best tips on alternate public transit service from East Bay to San Francisco

commuter payment
commuter payment
Darrin Atkins

If there is a BART strike and BART service is shut down, those who live in the East Bay may be wondering if there is any way to get to San Francisco when the BART train service is down during a worker strike.

Yes, there are alternative options to getting to San Francisco in the event that BART workers strike and BART is shut down due to contract negotiations. You have choices but the best thing for everyone would be if as many people as possible would take a day off and enjoy the summer weather.

The best alternative means of public transportation are to either carpool with your friends or co-workers, take a ferry, or take a transbay bus service. If you know of a friend or co-worker who usually drives to or from San Francisco, make sure to get their contact information and ask if you could carpool with them.

The San Francisco Bay Ferry has regular service to and from San Francisco and the East Bay and more information can be found at this website. Make sure to plan far in advance if you plan on trying the ferry and you have not done so before.

Lastly, AC Transit has regular transbay bus service. You can find information about their service at this website, and this page has a list of the East Bay cities where you can find information on AC Transit lines and schedules.

Make sure you have your alternate transit plans in place before there is any decision on a BART worker strike shutdown. You do not want to wake up in the morning only to realize you have no idea how you will get to work in San Francisco.

For up-to-the-minute updates on whether BART will shut down or not, make sure to regularly check the 511 website at


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