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Best tips for flat abs

Get flat abs
Malia Frey

Want to get lean, flat abs? Most people do. Unfortunately, many exercisers spend hours in the gym putting time and energy into the wrong workouts to get them. So how do you get a midsection that makes you proud? Use this quick list of dos and don'ts to guide your path to flatter, tighter abs.

Dos and don'ts to get flat abs

  • Do understand the anatomy of the muscles that make up your middle. If you know how your abdominal muscles work, you're more likely to use your abs properly when you work out.
  • Don't lift little pink weights. If you want to define muscle (like a six pack) you should lift about 80% of your one rep max. That means that you need to walk past the 2-3 pound weights over to the serious weights. It's the only way to get the job done!
  • Do watch your caloric intake. It doesn't matter how tight your muscles are. If they are layered under a roll of body fat, no one will see them. Lose fat with a healthy diet and the right combination of cardio workouts.
  • Don't do endless crunches. If you can do hundreds of crunches, you're probably not using enough resistance for each repetition. Add a medicine ball or other form of resistance and do quality repetitions, not just more repetitions.

The most important "do" for getting a lean, tight middle? Do learn essential lifestyle tips and factors that affect your body shape. Check out my latest articles to get the information.

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