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Best time to do your workouts

best time to train
best time to train
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There has been studies saying that cardiovascular exercise is the best in morning soon after rising and before breakfast can help you burn more calories during, after and throughout the day. Using this method properly can benefit you a lot, because your body is more primed to burn fat in the morning. If, you are going to workout in the morning you need to obviously go to bed early. Staying up to late can make you over sleep. Usually when you have a set sleeping pattern, you are able to workout earlier. The right quality and amount of sleep should be prioritized so you can maximize your workouts in the morning.

It will be better to do your weight training in the evening, because you're more alert, energized and have ate a couple meals. A great benefit of doing cardio before lifting weights is that cardio warms up the muscles. Working out with loose and warm muscles is a great way to prevent injury and save time, as you will not have to perform as many warm up sets. I do believe that doing your cardio before weight lifting is great if your goal is to lose weight and get fit. Also if you're the type of person that gets really tired later in the evening when it time to workout, you might want to weight train a couple hours are cardio if possible, if not right after.

My advice is to avoid physical exercise, if you are sick and one to two hours after a meal. But, the next time you thinking about when should I train? Think about how you feel and your goals. To conclude, If gaining muscle is a priority, lift before cardio, and if your priority is to simply lose weight and get in shape, do cardio before weight lifting. And make sure to eat a healthy diet!