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Best swingers vacation spots in the world

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Some people think the swinging lifestyle died out years ago and others think it’s only for unusual people. However, many people enjoy being a swinger and the lifestyle is still quite popular. For those who love this lifestyle and are searching for a great swingers vacation, then, there are very many options to choose from all the world.

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How to find the perfect spot

If you wish to find the perfect vacation spot, then you need to do a little research. You can start by going through a resort’s website. Here, you will get all the basic information about what to expect. However, the best source of advice is the insider information from fellow travelers in swing lifestyle. Most resorts will have their own online forum where people post their opinions and experiences. The best tip before you go for that vacation is to spend some time browsing the forums and ask questions. This is a great way to connect and meet others before you meet them. You will also get some insight as to what other activities to expect at the resort, and you will learn plenty of tips from those who have already been there.

Look for a copy of swingers magazine and look through the pages in the back. LifeStyle magazine was a good swingers magazine. Here, you will find many advertisements of various resorts and gateways where swingers migrate. Such magazines even advertise swingers conventions for those interested in this lifestyle. Just look for one that interests you and your partner. If you haven't been to a swingers convention, then you may want to try one out.

Once you have identified a spot, call ahead to make reservations. Make sure, you ask all the relevant questions ahead of your swingers vacation. Ask about clothing restrictions, amenities at the resort and type of people who frequent the area. It’s important that you double check your confirmation before ending your call; this will ensure all the details are correct.

In general, the resorts can either be topless or full nude. Whatever your choice, just be comfortable in your own skin. The nude experience is extremely liberating. Here, people are generally very friendly in the swing lifestyle, especially when they are on such a vacation. Wherever you chose to go for your swingers vacation, whether at a resort or on a cruise ship, to add to the fun and mystery they will also have theme nights. There are many vacation spots in the world, read on to see some of the best.

Best swingers vacation spots in the world

1. Desire resort & spa

This spot is like heaven. If you are searching for that one spot where you can turn all your fantasies into reality, then, this is your ideal choice. Here, you will find combination of Caribbean landscapes and excellent the excellent services will make everyone feel better than home. This resort is located in Mexico.

2. Private Village

If you wish to travel to Spain or live near Spain, then this is your chance to visit Ibiza’s exclusive resort. Here, swingers have the best time ever. The place is open for persons from all over the globe, so you will definitely find an enticing spot where will share and experience many different multicultural experiences.

3. Toren Amsterdam Hotel

This is one place where you will get all the freedom you’ve never had before in your whole life. Holland is a capital of open mindedness'. This hotel is one gateway to the uninhibited nudity, culture, sex, museums, much more sex and the amazing dance clubs. In closing, this is probably hands down the most luxurious hotels situated in the original city of sin.

4. Rooftop Resort

For sex travelers in South Florida, there isn't a better place to be than this special resort. Here, there are no known restrictions regarding the clothes you chose to wear . You will enjoy complete freedom to stroll around with natural comfort. A beautiful ocean view serves as a backdrop to the breathtaking wild events hosted at the resort. Every third Sunday at the Rooftop resort is a Sunday Afternoon Pool Party.

5. Temptation resort and spa- Cancun

The name alone tells you what to expect. Mexico is one amongst the newest swinging destinations where you can unleash the inner burning desires. However, be careful, you might be tempted to stay here forever.

6. Cap D’Agde

Found in France, Cap D' Agde is one place every swinger should explore. There isn't any other sacred place for sinners all over the globe but here. Unfortunately when I was writing this article I could not find any SFW pics. The town, which is nicknamed "the naked city", is visited by about 40,000 people a day come the warm summer months. Why? Because the entire town,not just the beach is nudist. Yes, you can go shopping, eating, even banking in the nude here, as long as you pay the entrance fee. This is one place you as a swinger have to visit at least once, well any nudist for that matter as well. Go to the beach nude then later in the evening bump and grind in a sexy night club.

7. Rama Kien' Lifestyle resort

Located in Thailand, this is one spot where you can mix your sex fantasies and Buddhist sculptures. It’s just like the forbidden sex story set in one mysterious & exotic place.

8. Caliente Caribe

This is a living paradise you will love while on your swingers vacation. Some simple elements like coconuts and palm trees are a good way to set the mood for sensuous time ahead. The breathtaking landscapes and state of the art services will add to the thrill of this place. The place is located in Dominican Republic.

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