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Best Sunset in Town

A beautiful view for all to enjoy
A beautiful view for all to enjoy
Melissa Sue Photography

With it's amazing Tex-Mex, seafood choices, and view, Oasis on Lake Travis is a definite stop while you are in Austin.  Located in the rolling hills off Comanche Trail overlooking Lake Travis, this four story establishment is a great place for the whole family or a romantic dinner for two.  The Oasis is also open for large parties including weddings, family reunions, or just an old fashioned family get together.  The food along with the view make any evening an amazing one.  

It's great menu offers items such as: Fireballs appetizer which are fried spicy chicken bites served with a jalapeno ranch dipping sauce, and dinners like Fish Tacos made with Tilapia and jalapeno slaw or Spinach Crepes filled with Seafood.  They also offers domestic and imported beer along with their specialty drinks, and sodas. 

The Oasis is made up of a Restaurant, a dance club with live music every Wednesday through Sunday, and soon to have a shopping area, including a couple more restaurants.  By the Spring of 2011, the owner Beau, is planning on having  retail shops, confectioneries, and even a micro-brewery added to the Oasis area.  

Oasis on Lake Travis offers Austinites a great view and get away from all of the hustle and bustle of the city.  It should no doubt be a stop along your travels in Austin.

For more information on Oasis on Lake Travis check out their website at


  • Kevin B. 5 years ago

    I agree, this place is an experience well worth any travelers time. Great article!

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Do not eat the food at the Oasis, just enjoy the great view and drinks. Even calling it decent tex-mex is an insult to tex-mex food everywhere and though the prices are moderate they seem very expensive for what is served. Stick to drinks, guac and a sunset then get dinner elsewhere.

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