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Best spring wedding flowers

Planning a spring wedding? Spring is known for the newly blooming flowers that color trees and gardens throughout the season, so they are often a large part of spring wedding décor. With so many to choose from, there is a perfect variety and color for every celebration. Here are some beautiful flowers best picked for a spring wedding.

Rose cascade bouquet
Rose bouquet, Rosa y Dani

Daisies: Daisies can be the traditional white and yellow, or brightly colored for a modern touch.

Hyacinths: It is less common as a wedding flower, but adds a unique, pretty purple touch.

Lily of the Valley: These tiny flowers are only briefly in-season in the spring, and pricey even then. They are quite fragrant which can be a bonus, but not a great idea for anyone with allergies.

Peonies: They are on the more expensive side, but are large so fewer blossoms are needed. For different looks, they can be used in bud form or in full bloom.

Roses: Roses are a favorite wedding flower not only for their beauty, but also their availability and inexpensive cost.

Tulips: A common symbol of spring, tulips come in many light and bright colors to match a spring wedding.

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