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Best slice in Brookline: Pizzeria Dante

The father/son team at Pizzeria Dante served up the Best Slice of Pizza in Brookline on this day.
The father/son team at Pizzeria Dante served up the Best Slice of Pizza in Brookline on this day.
Karl Klaussen

Our four-person panel of pizza enthusiasts and food writers set out to find the Best Slice of Pizza in Brookline. It was a tough decision with many good and different varieties, and in the end, the result was quite surprising, with a newcomer standing out from the crowd.

Think of a slice of pizza as a first impression--you will never forget it, be it good or bad. On this cold Saturday afternoon, however, it was good. It was very, very good.

Meet Pizzeria Dante

Our panel unanimously agreed that the Award for Best Slice of Pizza in Brookline goes to Pizzeria Dante. And thankfully for everyone in this Coolidge Corner neighborhood, the space at 1398 Beacon Street is now occupied by this friendly father-and-son team of Dante Dragani and son, Dave. At long last, Pizzeria Dante has arrived.

Make no bones about it, this is Neapolitan style pizza. The dough is tasty with a brilliant, almost-goopy texture as you bite into it, the sauce is simple and bursting with freshness and the cheese is 100% mozzarella. The crust is a wonderful intersection of chewy, crunchy and almost-burnt from the high temps that Neapolitan pizza must endure while cooking. The result is heaven on earth disguised in cheese.

As Dante explains during a follow-up interview, he starts with a tasty dough. There are no pastes or pre-made sauces here and nothing is watered down. Dante then makes each batch of sauce himself using crushed Italian tomatoes and toiling to perfection.

The seasoning is simple. "There's nothing trendy about it," explains son, Dave. They then go strong on the fresh basil, which instantly transports you to a simpler time and a simpler place. The Mediterranean perhaps? Hmmm.

Pizzeria Dante does not sacrifice on quality. They use all mozzarella cheese unlike many other pizza joints that use blends of cheeses, which tend to be greasier. But not here at Pizzeria Dante. "If we didn't like it, we wouldn't serve it," states Dante humbly. In that case, Dante, we're all very happy you like it. Very, very happy.

If you ever find yourself wondering if we're all just spinning around in a meaningless and chaotic universe, stop into Pizzeria Dante, treat yourself to a slice of cheese pizza, sit back, relax, and suddenly, everything will seem to make perfect sense. It's just that simple.

Pizzeria Dante is located at 1398 Beacon Street in Coolidge Corner, Brookline.

Hours: Monday through Saturday, 11:30am to 10:00pm. Sunday, noon to 9:00pm.

Phone: 617.232.5353

Fax: 617.232.5009


Read about Pizzeria Dante at


  • Rob L 5 years ago

    Sounds great! I will definitely have to check out Pizzeria Dante next time I'm over in Coolidge Corner. The description sounds a bit like one of the best pies over here in Cambridge at a place called Gran Gusto. They also use 100% mozzarella.

  • ARK 5 years ago

    Very good review... I don't like commercial pizza because I was spoiled with my mother's homemade pizza which was so gooooood! But you make me want to try Dante's! Thank you!

  • Ralph 5 years ago

    Great Place!!!!! Just went and had the best pizza...WOW, this is best in the area by far.

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