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Best sequels of all time

Sci-fi action movies are great to watch on a cold winter weekened. But what is even better than the originl? Sequels (sometimes) following the same awesome characters on their journeys we've come to love. So let's look at some of the top sequels.

  • Star wars the Empire Strikes Back --- A fan favorite of all time, this one had it all. A love story, action, a slu of new characters, a mysterious hooded figure, and a secret reviled.
  • Superman II --- Three alien beings from Supermans home world of Krypton breaks free of their prison and plans to destory earth. The originl superman movie was supposed to include this, making it four hours but the studio broke it up into two movies.
  • Terminator 2 Judgment Day --- In 1991 this sequel about the time traverling cyborg goes back in time to save one boy that the future will depend on one day. It featured high tech special effects, and awasome explosions with a killer soundtrack featuring 'Guns n Roses'
  • Back to the Future III --- For a film that wasn't supposed to have a sequel, this trilogy is one of the best. Set in 1885, it takes you back to the origins of both the characters and the town of Hill Vally. The plot focuses more on Doc and his love intrest. Who didn't want to be a cowboy?

(I like Back to the Future 2 myself for the future tech. Still waiting for flying cars and hoverboards) so those are the best sequels of all time according to bing.

So would you agree? What's you're favorite sequels?

Note : If you have any ideas for articles sci-fi or fantasy please contact me

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