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Best Selling Electric Cars on the Internet

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written by JYNorflet December.2013

Best Selling Electric Cars on the Market

For those of you not familiar with the new wave of cars in our future in one of my previously published Examiner articles I describe what an Electric car is, and why we need them. For many apparent and many not so apparent reasons, Electric and Hybrid cars have not come into the spotlight of main stream advertising or news. One of my top speculations would be people and change. Similar to the solar panel and wind industry, people seem to be:

1 Entrenched in old traditional ways of powering their homes and vehicles (Fossil fuels)
2 Convenience - It's just so convenient to pick up the telephone and stay with the status quo
3 Other people aren't doing it
4 Cost - Once over the initial cost, renewable energy alternatives are far cheaper
5 Confusion and misunderstanding

With that, I would like to introduce 3 of the top selling Electric/Battery powered cars on the market
Just a brief explanation of these new cars

There are basically 3 broad categories of electric cars currently on the market

a Hybrid electric vehicles
b Battery only electric vehicles
c Range extended vehicles

Hybrid electric vehicles utilize a combination of both gasoline and electric to improve the cars mileage.

*Battery only vehicles use NO gasoline at all. they are strictly Zero emissions and are plugged in to recharge
*Range extended vehicles operate on battery first until the battery exhausts, then switches to gasoline
*Our list of the best selling electric vehicles consisted of cars from the b and c list above.

The number one top selling electric vehicle is from our RANGE extended category, It is manufactured by General Motors company, The Chevrolet Volt. Chevrolet began producing the VOLT in 2010, so far it has reached a total sales number of 50, 000. Total monthly sales have ranged from approximately 1200-3000 its best month. The Volt is a great compromise between gasoline and electric. It runs primarily on Electric and has a range of approximately 40 miles on total electric. Given that most people statistically live within 25miles of there work place, you could make it to work 3/4 of the round trip on 1 charge, that is unless you can recharge at or near your work place. That is at the top end of range, of course, if your commute is shorter, you will realize the maximum potential of your Volt.

So, what happens if your trip is longer than the 40 miles that your battery can take you ? Well, the folks at GM have figured that out. There is a small gasoline engine which automatically turns on and charges the Volts battery while you continue to drive. The transition is almost undetectable and seamless.

Volt fast facts

The Volt retails for about $35,000 and seats 4 people
Gas mileage on battery is approximately 95 mpge, mpge is the gasoline equivalency of electric
The Volt has a 9.3 gallon fuel tank
The have been several reports of the Volt traveling 900 miles between fill-up
The Volt comes with an 8 years warranty on the battery alone
The cars also comes with a 5 year roadside assistance /courtesy car program
Comes with a plug in home charger
Has a 3 year, 36,000 miles corrosion resistance
The Government has purchased approximately 116 Volts to improve mileage of government cars
The Government will provide a $7500.00 tax incentive for purchasers of NEW electric vehicles

Next is the Nissan Leaf

The Leaf sells for $21,000-$28,000

The Nissan Leaf is a true pioneering vehicle in the new world of Electric cars. The Leaf is truly an all electric battery powered car. Nissan's CEO Carlos Ghosen was so sure of Nissan's pioneering vehicle that he predicted there would be 1.5 million Leafs on the road by 2015, recently, he has backed off of this prediction. I am not being critical of Nissan's CEO for this prediction, because in my opinion, given the chance who would stop purchasing gasoline given the opportunity. To start with the Leaf is powered by a large Lithium Ion battery, and uses absolutely no gasoline, and as a side effect is silent, like most electric vehicles.

Leaf fast facts

The Nissan Leaf drives approximately 80-85 miles on battery
The leaf has a top speed of about 100 mph
The Leaf has an 8 year battery warranty
The Leaf carries a 3 year unlimited Roadside Assistance program
Drive train warranty is 5 years or 60,000 miles
Mileage 129 city / 109 highway (electrics get better city mileage than highway)
The Leaf has a Single Speed transmission
The Leaf qualifies for the governments $7500 tax incentive
Leaf sales are typically 1200-3000 per month on the high end

The Nissan Leaf has a different look, though it also has a very futuristic look. Nissan has done something very interesting with the Leaf and for their obviously loyal customers. The company is well aware of what has become known as "Range anxiety". This is a condition where the driver becomes anxious about running out of charge in the latter part of their trip. So Nissan has installed fast battery chargers in all of their Nissan dealerships. The charge at a Nissan dealer is completely free and fast, for Leaf customers.

The Tesla Roadster - Model S - Soon Model X

This is the Piece De Resistance !
Tesla motors, named after the scientist, Nikola Tesla the inventor of AC electric Current is the first American car company to go public since Ford did in 1956. There is almost no end to what can be said for this electric car company. Tesla took the high road approach to the manufacture and design of their car(s). As opposed to starting out small and growing into their products, they introduced a top of the line car that rivaled the best cars on the market (Not only the electric car market, the entire market).

The model S weighs in at about 4,000 American pounds
The Model S seats 5 adults comfortably
The Model S cost between $62,000 and $100,000 plus
The car ranges 250-300 miles on a single charge
The Tesla performance model has the equivalent of 415 horsepower
The Model S averages approximately 90 Miles Per Gallon e

This particular vehicle has been awarded "The safest car in America award" in 2013
The Model S is clearly a Phenon, and has quickly become the status car of the Hollywood celebrities and those in the cash. It takes it's looks from the Mercedes, Jaguar and the Lexus.

There are plenty of hybrids, All Electric, and range extended vehicles on the market and coming to market, and fast. If you are curious about these cars, how they work and how well they work take a look at the Best Electric car website on the Web by clicking here. The best Electric Car website on the internet. You will find articles, Podcasts, videos, PDFs and specifications.

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The 5 Day Photographer You will be glad you invested the 5 days needed to learn to take great photographs.

The Zero Emissions Podcast , is a great podcast on Electric cars. Check it out in the Apple store for free.

Electric cars are the future for many Americans. My prediction is that Electric vehicles will not be the ONLY cars on the road, but will co-exist with the old internal combustion engines for another 20 years. But the rising cost of Fossil fuel, pollution and the threat to National security will drive more and more Americans to select these alternative fuel great looking clean cars.
If you have questions, you can contact me at
Thank you for taking the time to learn the truth about electric cars, with lots more to know.




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