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Best selling beers around the world

Best sold beers
Best sold beers

If your are traveling the world or if you are just want to know what the top selling beers around the world are then here is your chance.

  • Bud Light is the top selling beer in the United States it has over 15% of the total market here. On top of those sales it does very well in Canada, Ireland, Mexico, Colombia and Sweden.
  • Labatt Blue is the beer you are going to find the most if you are in Canada. The flavor profile of this beer is either you really like it or you hate it. However, you look at it though is sells. Coors Light is a very close number two and closing in.
  • Skol beer is the beer of choice is you are traveling to Brazil. It gets about 33% of the market out of over 200 million people that live in the country.
  • Corona is the beer that you will see a lot if you are going to Mexico. Corona is also the top ranked beer that is imported into the United States. Heineken is the second most imported beer coming into the United States.
  • Krombacher is found in Germany. Germany has the second most breweries in the world, second to only United States. Krombacher beer has found the a way to get its beer sales to the top.
  • Heineken and the country of Netherlands are thought of going hand in hand. Amstel beer takes second here; however, the Netherlands is Heineken country.
  • Asahi Super Dry is the currently on top of Japans best selling beers. But, it changes places with Kirin and Sapporo all the time. You can even find all of these beers in vending machines.
  • Snow beer is the best selling beer in China. This beer even comes on top as the best selling beer in the world over any other beer out there.

Enjoy your beer and drink safe.


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