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Best self-care exercises and tips to feel great

Yoga is a great exercise you can do for self-care.
Yoga is a great exercise you can do for self-care.
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If you have a desk job or you are running all day long on your feet you can use some type of self-care exercises that really can help you get through the week. A nice therapeutic massage really does the job, but sometimes it is hard to fit in a visit to your therapist. You can take a few minutes and push away from your computer or wake up just a little earlier to stretch your muscles and help to get your circulation moving. These type of exercises really help you to feel better, de-stress and work out the kinks and knots that can develop in your neck and shoulders. As a massage therapist I learned the importance of self-care. I help others feel better, but in order to do my best I need to feel my best. If my back goes out or my hands and feet ache I can’t give the best massage. Self-care is an important part of my regular routine. This is why I try to practice taking my supplements, flax seed oil for the joints, eating healthy meals and snacks, along with practicing yoga and getting to my fitness classes regularly. I enjoy Zumba. Exercising helps improve your mood, releasing healthy endorphins. It also helps you sweat out toxins, improve circulation and stretch out your muscles, ligaments and joints. Other tips include drinking the appropriate amount of water daily (half your body weight in ounces) and get your proper rest at night.

I have collected some great Youtube videos that I preform regularly to help me to be my best. I highly recommend you save these on your Youtube playlist to revisit regularly. Click on the links below to view.

Morning yoga routine to wake up happy (video)

This video is just a way to stretch, get the blood circulating and helps to keep you limber. It was produced by yoga instructor Esther, who offers many great Youtube videos on different yoga routines for yoga beginners. Yoga is also good for breathing exercises.

Self neck massage for pain (video)

Most people hold their tension and stress in the neck and shoulder area. We all can enjoy a nice massage to relieve the discomfort, but sometimes we have to resort to doing it ourselves. This video is a excellent demo on massaging of the neck and shoulders. This also can help with tension headaches.

Self massage to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome (video)

This video was created by massage therapist, Brett Rodgers who makes his videos with a sense of humor, along with good techniques and information. Many jobs today create tight muscles in the fore arm area after repetitive use that can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. Some people end up getting surgeries and wear different types of gloves to try to help this painful condition. Many times surgeries can be avoided with massage and other natural remedies.

20 minute yoga flow (video)

When I feel tight and tense and can’t get to my favorite massage therapist for a good massage I love this 20-minute yoga routine with Moon Wagener and Skip Jennings. It is easy enough for beginners and really helps you relieve some tension, stress and feel more focused and rejuvenated. I highly recommend this routine to do regularly between massages.

More self-care tips include:
- Stay on a healthy, wholesome diet.
- Avoid processed foods.
- Find your favorite activity to help you relieve stress and boost your mood.

Following these tips will help you stay healthy, avoid being on toxic medications, surgeries and fight diseases and disorders. If you are seeking ways to naturally deal with a condition contact Certified Herbalist and Massage Therapist Marguerite Wright for more suggestions and continue to follow her on

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