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Best Roku channels for watching favorite TV shows without a subscription

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Roku and other Internet TV streaming devices work best with premium subscription services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, but Roku also has a good selection of free channels, including many that offer viewing of television shows. Some pay services also let you purchase single episodes for $2 or $3 each as well as entire seasons for around $20.

Pop Flix offers classic TV shows without charge, including:

  • "The Beverly Hillbillies"
  • "Life with Elizabeth" starring Betty White
  • "Bonanza" starring Lorne Greene
  • "Sherlock Holmes"
  • "Man with a Camera"
  • "The Lucy Show"
  • "Dragnet"
  • "Adventures of Robin Hood"

Crackle also has a few free television shows available, such as:

  • "Sanford and Son"
  • "Married With Children"
  • "The Larry Sanders Show"

Both M-GO and Target Ticket let you purchase episodes of more recent shows without paying for a monthly subscription. You can watch two free titles with a new M-GO subscription and 10 free with a new Target Ticket sign-up. Exclusions apply, but you can also save 5 percent on your Target Ticket purchases by using your Target credit card.

Even without an Amazon Prime subscription, you can rent or purchase single episodes or seasons of current and past television shows through Amazon Instant Video. Their selections include current shows like "Mythbusters," "Castle" and "American Horror Story" plus classic shows such as "The Lone Ranger" and beloved kids' shows like "Blue's Clues."

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