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Best Resources for Vegan Supplements

array of vitamins
array of vitamins

Finding Vegan dietary supplements can be hard. In fact, it might be the hardest aspect of living a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle. Many dietary supplements will claim that they are indeed vegetarian-meaning their capsules do not contain, for instance, fish oil or whey but the capsules themselves will contain gelatin- the nasty boiled remains of animals’ bones, skins, and tendons. So, health-minded, supplement-hunting vegans must read the ingredient content very carefully to avoid any animal products in their vitamins and avoid any vitamins that do not include an ingredient list at all as they are then risky- i.e. not FDA approved. The FDA does not have to approve of the claims made by the company, for example, that taking their supplement will indeed speed up metabolism but if they’re FDA approved they have to include an ingredient list, though most, if not all of the marketable supplements will include one anyway. As an aside, the FDA is, in most instances, anti-vegetarian and is federally funded to support meat production so your best bet is to get your vitamins from plant-based products in the first place.

Here is a list of the best vegetarian and vegan supplements, vitamin producers, and websites carrying vegan products:

Puritan brand as a wide array of vegan supplements- just search under “health”

DEVA vegan supplements 

Cosmos Vegan Shoppe  

RAW ONE brand multivitamins

Pangea Vegan Store- has an entire list of vegan products as well as the names of often-hidden ingredients in your vitamins!


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