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Best promotional tech items for your trade show giveaways

Trade Shows Giveaways
Trade Shows Giveaways
Trade Shows Giveaways

Trade shows are best places to look for business prospects and new customers. However, with so much of competition it is difficult to make people remember of your business. You have to come up with something that can stay with them.

Trade show giveaway items are in fashion these days. Everyone is coming up with memorabilia kind of stuff that can be given to people interested in your trade show booth. And if you are running low on ideas, we have just the tech stuff that customers and business prospects will be interested in.

  • USB

When it comes to afford-ability and efficiency, you cannot look beyond promotional USB. Regular pieces can easily be bought in less than couple of dollars and you can even personalize them with name and logo. Furthermore, USB devices are also great for sideshows, brochures and other data that you might like to store for people to see.

  • Power Banks

They are certainly the future. You will soon be seeing power banks that can charge multiple devices 5 to 6 times in a day. For now, there are really good giveaway affordable options that can charges phones and MP3 players at least once or twice. You can personalize them with names and trendy colors to be given away during lead generation. It’s the perfect bait for this season.

  • Screen Cleaners

If you’d really like something cheap for bulk giveaways, screen cleaners serve the purpose well. There is a couple of ledge screen cleaner designs that people can keep with the keys. Push down to clean option makes them handy while less than half a dollar price makes them affordable. If you order in bulk amounts, the cost is going to come down further. Obviously you can use them in the coming trade shows giveaways events too.

  • Wall Chargers

Everyone could use wall charger adapter that can connect phone to power supplies. People often misplace such items and are looking for replacements. It’s your perfect chance to give away something they could use. Customize them with name and logo or may be with phone number and URL.

  • USB Hub

Unlike regular promotional USB items, this hub allows users to connect several devices to a system. It resolves port limitation issues and promises longer usage of the option more than others in the list. The only drawback is that they might already have a couple of hubs or may be they are other people with similar trade shows giveaways.