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Best practices and powerful tips for a web conference presentation

Monash University HLDP 2009
Monash University HLDP 2009
By Duncanunderwood via Flickr

The blazing speeds of the internet, the amazing evolution and sophistication of digital technology have broken barriers like never before. The business world has completely been revamped and changed unlike any other time. ClickMeeting, a web conferencing software and a pioneer in online meetings has recently published a new blog post which explains some of the dos and don’ts on how to effectively organize a meeting.

Videos once upon a time were perhaps limited on the quality and resolution. Today there are more than a dozen technology companies that have developed great and innovative platforms. For example, Google Hangout is a great resource along with skype, FaceTime and other video conference technologies on the market.

As with any presentation of any kind there are some basics to remember. To get it right the handy infographic highlights these excellent habits for online meetings:

  • Do start and end on time
  • Use a collaborative software
  • Inject tons of personality into the presentation
  • Keep content concise and simple
  • Do Pay attention

In addition, it is safe to say you may want to make it dynamic and try to really generate an honest dialogues and engagement. It is beyond the productive since you are trying to instill a team-like atmosphere.

Below is a list of the following things you should not do:

  • Don’t just read your slides
  • Don’t bring your cell phone
  • Don’t forget to test the equipment prior to video conference
  • Run a test of your presentation materials

So above are the things to be very mindful of and let’s remember a company runs like a family structure. Everyone is working together for the same goals and have a mission. So make it as dynamic, interactive and interesting. The worst type of presentations are those that seem to never end and only one person talks the entire time.

Web conferencing has been a major feature that saves more than money and time. It really allows anyone with an internet connection to continue to work uninterrupted rather than be stuck in one geographic location.

Why is video conferencing and video so important? Most of the devices we own today have powerful video capabilities and can record at outstanding quality. And you can share the footage for personal or business purposes. For those who resist the technology wave at some point or another will be forced to adopt it given the business ecosystem that exists.

Finally, video is one of the best forms of engagement. This ability to see someone through a screen brings a human element and realism to the entire process. Remember to apply these principles and take advantage of what can video do for an online meeting.

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