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Best Possible Ways To Make The Size Of Your Penis Bigger

Best Possible ways to make size of your penis bigger

Almost all men worry about the size of the penis at some point in their lives. This important part of a man's anatomy is a symbol of his masculinity and his virility. It is also a commonly believed by some guys that women prefer larger sized penises. While not all women do prefer a larger than average penis, most men would like to increase their size just a little bit.

There are a few different methods men can try to enlarge their penises, and the same one won't work for all men. If you are one of the guys who feel insecure in the bedroom, because of your smaller than average penis, here are a few tips to help you safely make the size of your penis bigger.

Best Possible Ways to Make the Size of Your Penis Bigger

One of the best ways for men to increase the size of their penises is to exercise them. This does not necessarily mean having intercourse, but instead it refers to a series of movements designed to strengthen the penis. A man's penis is comprised of muscle and tissue that responds to exercises like any other muscle in the body. There are several different penile exercises and almost all of them use a type of stretching motion to enlarge and grow the male member.
The most common, and easiest exercise to perform is called the jelq. It simply calls for men to make an "OK" grip at the bottom of the shaft and slowly slide up, pulling slightly as you go. This helps to increase blood flow and circulation to the penis which in turn can help with erectile dysfunction disorders and make the male sex organ firmer. Most men also notice an increase in their stamina and report more confidence in the bedroom.

Penis Extenders

Sometimes exercise alone is not enough to make the size of your penis bigger, and some men are finding success with penis extenders. Penis extenders are used together with the hand exercises and work by stretching the penis out. They work by attaching to the base and the glans of the penis and is held in place by rods or bars. As the man becomes used to the extender being attached, he can gradually lengthen the bars to stretch his penis. One of the advantages to using a penile extender is that men can still perform non strenuous activities while wearing it, unlike hand exercises which are normally done in private.

Penile Enhancement Supplements

There is an ongoing debate over whether or not penis enhancement supplements actually work. While many men prefer using all natural supplements over prescribed medications, there is no actual data proving that they actually work to enlarge a man's penis. The pills and supplements usually contain a mix of different vitamins, minerals, and herbs that in some cases can actually be dangerous to a man's health. A recent study conducted out of the University of Maryland also found that many of the penis enhancement supplements also carried trace amounts of lead, E. coli, and even animal feces. This has many experts recommending that all men speak to a health care professional before taking any type of male enhancement supplement.

Penis Surgery

While some men may feel that surgery is the only option for them to have confidence in the bedroom, due to the small size of their penis it is not for everyone. The most important thing to remember is that this is not a cosmetic surgical procedure, and should only be considered when the male sex organ is deformed or does not function properly. Men who are hoping that surgery can add inches to their penises, will be disappointed to learn that the maximum addition is only around one inch. Not only will surgery not cause a dramatic increase in penile size, if it is performed as a cosmetic surgery the penis could actually be harmed.


It may be upsetting to some men to learn that there is no proven way to magically enlarge their penises, but they can help to increase its width and improve endurance. What may surprise most men is that this is normally enough to satisfy their partners and keep their sex lives happy and healthy. Before considering any of these methods, it is always best to speak to a health care provider first.

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