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Best places to find medication for infertility treatment

Finding the right medication and pharmacist is critical in infertility treatment.
Finding the right medication and pharmacist is critical in infertility treatment.
AP Photo by Sang Tan

One of the most important components in the arsenal to fight infertility is medications.  A common reason for infertility is a woman has an irregular menstrual cycle.  Medications are used to assist women in regulating their menstrual cycle.  Another important role for medications is to alter existing abnormal hormonal levels.  Finally, medications are also used to help women increase the number of eggs they produce.  You can learn more about the specific medications that are used in infertility by reading "Medications used to combat Infertility at:  There is also an excellent article at  that explains these medications and their function and purpose.


Timing is everything in infertility treatment. Blood tests and lab work must sometimes be done on a daily basis. It is not uncommon for women to need daily injections. It is critical to take the medication at the exact time and in the exact dose that is medically indicated. If this is not done conception will not occur.


There are pharmacies that have specialty expertise in working with infertility patients.  They understand the sensitivity needed in battling infertility.  They also are sophisticated and experienced in working with insurance companies which can help them advocate for their clients.  I can recall that after getting lab results my doctor told me I would need  a medication a few hours later. I was at work.  My specialty  pharmacy delivered the medication to my job  within 2 hours.


In the Chicago area there are pharmacies that specialize in infertility medications. Ask about your insurance coverage and if these pharmacies are covered. Also ask the pharmacists about discount prices for your medications.  

Damer & Cartwright  Phone 1-800- 793-2637 at :

Braun Pharmacy, 2060 Clark street, Chicago, Illinois 60614, phone 773-549-0634

There are some national pharmacies as well that specialize in infertility medications:

Cary's Pharmacy, 105 Main Street, Dobb's Ferry, New York, NY, 10522, phone 914-693-0008

Dandurand Drugs, 7732 E. Central, Withita, Kansas at 316-685-2353

Franklin Drug Center, 829 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19107,  215-923-7070



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