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Best places to dance in Birmingham...

A girl out on the town...
A girl out on the town...
Getty Images/Stuart Dee

This isn't Miami, this isn't New York. It's not even Chicago. But if you want to dance in Birmingham, you can shake it with the best of them. Below you'll find a simple guide to where to get down when in town!

Best Nightclub:

Tie--"Zen" and "1120."

-ZEN- Once known as "the Station", Zen is a stand-alone nightclub that serves the best in pop and hip-hop dance music, and perhaps has the most eclectic crown around Birmingham. Located on Morris Avenue, on the border of Northside and South, the club has plenty of parking, police typically posted out front, and 2 fully-stocked bars with friendly personnel. The club also has a pool-table and stage for the occasional live act. Additionally, with 3 VIP rooms and 7 VIP areas available for reservation, you are sure to party in style while in Birmingham. Thursday is typically 18+, Friday and Saturday 21+. Cover charge is $10.

-1120- Located in the heart of Birmingham's 5-Points nightlife district, 1120 is a 2 floor nightclub with large bar and seating area on the first floor, and dancing area on the second floor with 2 additional bars. 1120 is also notable for a spacious VIP area and view of 5-Points to boot. Lastly, official after-parties for many of the city's big concerts in town are frequently held at 1120 with many students from local universities crowding the club on the weekend. Unlike Zen, 1120 is 18+ most nights and cover charge ranges from $5-15.

Best Alternative Dance Party:

-Kids Got the Disco- Popular with hipsters, college folk, and yuppies alike, "KGTD" as its known in short form is the party in town. Held once a month at "Bottletree," KGTD plays the best in electronic and dance frequently bringing guest DJ's from coast to coast and across the pond--that's right, the UK! Featuring a fully stocked bar and spacious patio, moreover, Bottletree's monthly party is a fantastic place to take friends or make a few new ones. Given its popularity, however, expect to wait in line; moreover, as the night progresses, the bar tends to fill up quickly. Always 18+, the party starts at 9PM and the cover charge is $5.

Other Honorable Mentions:

-Nana Funks- Located in the Lakeview District, 'Nana's' typically brings in a younger college crowd. The bar features DJ Matrix on the tracks spinning hits from the 80's and 90's, as well as 2 pool tables and 2 fully stocked bars.

-Above- Atop the Redmont Hotel, the view is definitely the selling point but a particularly good one when dancing to DJ's spinning nightly. The bar itself is a little more upscale and the DJ is not usually the same from night to night, giving the party a little less predictability.


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