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Best place for a car show: A drag race?

Everyone seems to enjoy looking at old cars. Whether they are classic cars, antique cars or muscle cars, there is something about looking at a beautiful piece of automotive history sitting at a show and then imagining it cruising down the road. If you are into muscle cars, seeing them at the local parking lot show is one thing, but if you really want to see MUSCLE CARS like they should be then a big national drag racing event is muscle car heaven! No imagination needed!

The local drag strip may have the best car show going with beautiful muscle cars in ACTION doing what they do best - GO FAST!  No parking lot queens here!
The local drag strip may have the best car show going with beautiful muscle cars in ACTION doing what they do best - GO FAST! No parking lot queens here!
Don Garlits Racing His Mopar Muscle Car in Stock Eliminator NHRA Drag Racing
Chris Graves,

This upcoming weekend is the annual stop for the National Hot Rod Association's pro tour in North Texas. It is the professional classes of Top Fuel, Funny Car, Pro

Stock and Pro Stock Motorcycle that take the spotlight but perhaps the best part of the 4 day drag racing event for muscle car enthusiasts is the Sportsman classes that compete at this event. Beginning on Thursday September 22nd at the Texas Motorplex in Ennis the AAA Fall Nationals get underway and Thursday is probably the best day to attend if you love muscle cars.

It is the classes of Stock Eliminator and Super Stock that really draw the muscle car fans, and those cars will be racing non stop on the drag strip on Thursday for the qualifying runs. Friday those same cars will beginning eliminations and the action will be non stop beginning at 8:30AM and that day will end about 12 hours later with nitro Top Fuel dragsters making their 2nd qualifying run that evening. You can easily make this a FULL day of muscle car watching and nitro fuel professional drag racing!

In Super Stock you will see cars that have been massaged and modified slightly to improve on what the manufacturer made originally. This is a popular class as these cars regularly pull big wheelies when they leave the line at screaming RPM's! You will see some beautiful cars such as modern Ford Mustangs to the Classic '67-'69 Camaros. This is what makes this class so much fun to watch - to see perhaps a 2010 Cobalt go against a 1967 Chevelle, while yanking the front wheels into the air and spinning those engines to levels you never imagined!

In the Stock class, the rules limit more of what can be done to make the original car fast, and this is a bare bones performance that appeals to so many. In this class you see that original muscle from the manufacturers that can actually include the Tri Five '55-'57 Chevys, to those mid 60's muscle cars, cars from the height of the muscle car era in the early 70's to the modern muscle of today. It truly is a wide range of muscle cars and these cars are as beautiful as they are fast! It is the stock class that you find drag racing legend Don Garlits racing at select events with his 2009 Dodge Challenger!

So if you like for your car shows to have more than just pretty cars sitting in a parking lot, make plans to attend the NHRA AAA Fall Nationals at the Texas Motorplex in Ennis, September 22-25. And be sure to make time to walk the pits, where you can walk up and inspect the race cars up close and speak to the competitors. Drag racing is a fan friendly sport and the racers love to talk to fans about their cars and what makes them look so good and go so fast!

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